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Aluminum Rack & Pinion Actuators

For general purpose applications and non hazardous areas, Motivact has the cost effective and light weight option of Aluminum Rack and Pinion style actuation.

  • Extruded Anodized Aluminum body With Honed Cylinder Bores and internal and external corrosion protection provide strength and low friction.
  • Machined Pinion and Piston gears provide low backlash and positive pinion engagement.
  • Anti Blowout stem and Stainless fasteners.
  • Fully Coated and pre loaded spring system provides long corrosion free life along with safe and easy fitting on site.
  • Full conformance to ISO5211 , NAMUR and DIN3337 make it easy to fit a wide range of solenoids, switches and positioners.
  • Dual Piston Rack and Pinion Design
  • Double Acting or Spring Return
  • Up to 8900Nm @ 5.5Bar
  • Pressure 2 to 8 Bar supply
  • Temperature -200C to +800C
  • 00 to 900 Rotation (±40)
  • ISO 5211 / DIN3337 Mount
  • NAMUR ( VDI/VDE 3845 )
    accessories mounting